Lock Change Service in Modesto, CA

lock change modesto ca

There are a lot of reasons to call-in a Modesto, California lock change expert. Whether you want to replace locks at your house or install new ones on your office interior doors, you’ll always be welcome at Locksmith Modesto CA! We also do security upgrades like safe installations and much more services that are related to changing existing locks and adding locking systems for commercial and residential clients.

Mobile Lock Service

Our mobile team can offer you a wide selection of locks for sale straight from they’re well equipped vans (keypad locks, mechanical locks, etc). The experienced locksmith experts who work for us have many different types of home and business lock change solutions up their sleeves. They are ready to change locks on a short notice (in Modesto, CA area) and fully prepared for 24 hr locksmith calls at any day of the year!

Commercial Lock Change

Unlike other Modesto, CA locksmiths who focus on apartment and house lock change problems, we have your commercial concerns covered by true experts of the industry. It is always recommended to get a business locks change on rental property from someone who knows exactly what he’s doing. So don’t let new recruits of the business lock smith field handle your lock replacing needs. Instead, call (209) 783-5772 and get the full package.

Home Locksmith Care

Just like a business, lost keys may allow thieves access to your home, loved ones and precious belongings. Why take a chance? We can replace door and window locks easily and install locks from a level of your choice within 20 minutes of your phone call. As a family owned locksmith who cares about his neighbor’s safety, it’s our duty to offer the people of Modesto a home lock change service at a price that fits any pocket.

Lock Installation

As opposed to what some people think, crucial steps must be taken in order to perform lock installations to make sure the locks are being installed properly. Now days, residential locks are built into the door’s by the manufacturers. So when performing a lock change in Modesto, CA, this fact forces us to take necessary steps to make sure that the new locks fits perfectly into the old door.

Modesto Lock Replacement Masters!

While the average locksmith store in Modesto, CA will do for a simple key duplication job, it’s recommended to stick with the best when it comes to lock change, replacement or installs of any kind. Our 24/7 locksmith masters¬†are up and running as we speak, just waiting for the chance to save the day!